Establish, Grow & Monetize Presence on the Internet

Designing Websites Since 2008 

Establish, Grow & Monetize Presence on the Internet

Designing Websites Since 2008 

We Build Websites That Drive Targeted Leads For Your Business

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Rank Higher On Google | Attract More Customers

You should be spending your time on things that are important like actually running your business

We Build Your Website for You

Don't waste your time with cheap do-it-yourself website platforms.

Those type of websites are cheap for a reason!

The truth of the matter is, there's a lot of time and energy

that goes into producing a professional website.

Not only should a website look good,

most importantly it has to perform well and rank in the search engines.

When you hire Southern Web Developer to build your website we become part of your team. 

With a website that looks good on all devices

your customers will be left with the right impression.

We Manage Your Website for You

After you build and advertise your website you have to keep it updated.  

If you don't keep your website updated,

search engines may consider your website to be dead.

When you hire us, we manage your website for you.

Southern Web Developer continues to work in the background to improve the SEO of your website in order to drive organically targeted traffic to your product or service. 

We Advertise Your Website for You

Ask About Our Marketing Packages!

There are billions of websites registered today.

Building your website is only the first step.

Telling "the right people" that you exist is the second step.  

Luckily for you, we have a big digital mouth that is always open! 

With our marketing package, we run ads for you on Google and other search engines.

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