Web Developer in Valdosta Georgia

1337 Baytree Rd, Q,  Valdosta Georgia 31602

We are not just a web development company. We also drive leads that build your customer-base.

We are not just a web development company. We also drive leads that build your customer-base.

Web Developer in Valdosta Georgia

1337 Baytree Rd, Q,  Valdosta Georgia 31602

Learn How to Make Money

on the Internet in 2019 

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Hi, I'm Robbie Cornelius. I'm here to share with you how the internet changed my life.

After I stopped being a mad rapper in 2012, I found myself unemployed, uninspired and definitely underfinanced.

Although I needed money, the thought of working for someone drove me insane. And I did not want to go back to the negativity I experienced as a rapper.

After 2 years of struggling financially, I stumbled upon a way to change my financial life forever.


One Saturday, I took my last $0.25 and purchased an old book from a garage sale.

By a wild string of events, I sold that same book on Amazon for $40 a few days later.

In a matter of weeks, I turned that $40 profit into $2,000 by purchasing more old books and selling them on Amazon.

After duplicating that success over and over and over again, I pulled myself from the pits of financial hell. 

After being without a vehicle for nearly 4 years, I purchased a 2004 BMW X5 with my Amazon earnings. 

Later that year I started a Podcast that has since, been downloaded over 133,000 times; and self published 2 books on the subject of personal development. I did all of this simply by using the power of the internet.

I've Sold Everything & Anything That Was Legal.

Stun Guns, Cell Phones, Pepper Spray, Purses, Shoes, Clothing, Knives, Hairbows, Flags, Energy Drinks etc:


In 2015

A friend of mine asked me to help him run his multi-family housing community in exchange for free rent.

Being that he invested $5,000 into me when I was a hip hop artist, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to pay him back and stack my money by continuing to sell products on the internet. 

In 2016

I discovered a source that would allow me to import goods from China into America and resell those goods on the marketplace with an insane profit margin. 

Being that my rent was free, my cost of living was very, very low.

Although I supported myself via the internet, I worked very hard and took my position at this company very seriously.   

To the average person looking from the outside, it appeared as if I was earning a living by working at this place. But little did they know, by the time I was asked to be property manager, I was making so much money online that I willingly took a pay cut.  

What was I selling?


That year was worth $60,000 or more to me.

(My son, Kade going through inventory)

In 2017

After having so much success on the internet, people started asking me for advice. They would ask me to build websites for them, so I did.

Shortly after I founded SOUTHERN WEB INVESTMENT GROUP, LLC. I formed the company as a investment holding company that would allow me to invest my internet earnings into cash producing digital property. 

Later I formed Southern Web Developer. 

In short, Southern Web Investment Group pays Southern Web Developer to build cash-producing real estate on the internet. 

In 2018

After only a year in business, Southern Web Developer is currently providing digital solutions for small businesses in Valdosta, Ga, as well as several multi-million dollar companies such as Ashley Homestore, Badcock Homestore, Tri-State Laundry Companies, MSIS - Medicare Supplement Insurance Services, & Many More. 

Selling Stuff Online is Not the Only Way To Make Money On the Internet. 

Selling physical items on the internet is how I got started making money, but it's definitely not the only way I make money on the internet. 

Throughout the years, I have discovered 6 Ways of Making Money on the Internet. 

Within those 6 ways, there are a million ways to get paid. 

If you haven't submitted your email yet, please do so because you don't want to miss out on any of the information I'm about to share. 

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