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Web Design & Marketing Firm

1337 Baytree Rd, Q,  Valdosta Georgia 31602

9AM - 3PM Mon-Fri 

Web Design & Marketing Firm

1337 Baytree Rd, Q,  Valdosta Georgia 31602

9AM - 3PM Mon-Fri 

Treat Your Employees Good!

Yesterday, my company was hired to do work for a company in another part of the country that I can’t even pronounce.

2 months ago I hired an employee in another city that I’ve never met in real life.

This year my clothing company sold over 200 t-shirts.

The kicker is, even though I sold those t-shirts, I’ve never laid a finger on a single one of those t-shirts.

Here’s what I’m getting at!

In the pursuit of constantly trying to please their customers, many business owners have failed to show the same appreciation for the people that actually make their business run smoothly.

Over the years, businesses have treated customers like golden nuggets while many employees have been treated like they could easily be replaced.

This is one reason why so many young people are choosing to become freelancers and entrepreneurs rather than punch someone’s time-clock.

However, the blame is not solely on employers.

Employees must also realize that zero industries are moving towards full-time employment.

Businesses and workers alike are swapping each other out for technology at an alarming rate.

Walmart has more registers than they have people that are willing and able to run them.

The digital age has revealed to many people that they can operate global companies from an app in their phones.

Like it or not, technology has unleashed a world of unlimited options for many people.

Unlike the generation before us, we no longer have to settle and choose between the clothing that the stores in our local mall decide to put on their shelves.

If we don’t see what we like, we walk out of the store and order online.

Technology has also changed our intimate relationships.

No longer do we have to settle for dating the people that live in our physical location.

We now have dating apps.

Like it or not, if we don’t like something we can always swipe to the left.

Technology has definitely had an impact on the job market.

No longer do we have to settle for jobs that don’t appreciate us.

Thanks to technology we can now live anywhere in the world and work from anywhere in the world without a salary cap!

This is a digital economy of unlimited options.

As job security continues to be revealed as a myth, many people are starting to ask themselves why would anyone continue to be stressed out and only make $1,500 a month, when they could free themselves and make $1,500 a day?

The playing field between employers and employees are starting to equalize.

In my humble opinion, if you want to thrive in this new economy, employers and employees alike can no longer operate under the same mindset of the previous generation.

We must all wake up and realize that WE ALL HAVE OPTIONS NOW!

We must treat our “good employees” with the same passion that we treat our customers with. And employees must always be seeking to provide value to the compaines that choose to hire them.

Robbie Cornelius

Southern Web Developer


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