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Want to finance your website & marketing? We can assit you. 

Southern Web Investment Group LLC specializes in the financing, development
and management of digital properties throughout the World Wide Web.

Having an internet presence is crucial for any business these days. The internet continues to be a vehicle that helps companies just like yours increase their chances of success.

Sometimes small businesses don't have the capital it takes to have a professional website, logo, or marketing campaign so they often settle for cheaper do-it-yourself website solutions. 

Southern Web Investment Group LLC, teamed up with SQUARE to provide financing solutions for businesses that wanted to have a professional presence on the internet.

The concept is very simple.

"We treat digital property just like physical property."

About Us

Southern Web Investment Group LLC, is an investment company for "digital real estate" (websites, apps, music, books, and other digital goods). Southern Web Investment Group is the parent company of Southern Web Developer. 

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